Tracking with Mal Pup

This is an older clip posted as a reference for the seminar this weekend at Frederick Md

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Wrong Right or Training Attitude Trade Offs

I learned this from training dogs to run blinds for the field but the principal applies to all dog training. When starting blind retrieves: It is better to go wrong right than right wrong because if you go wrong right long enough soon enough the dog will go right right.  When you first start to do […]


Scent Work and E-collar Seminar

Pat Nolan Seminar Oct 20 & 21 2012 Mid-Atlantic D.O.G.S. will be hosting a one and a half day long seminar on Scent Imprinting Puppies, some of the latest scent research, and an introduction to his methods of remote collar training. Pat Nolan is a professional dog trainer who is currently training field trial dogs […]

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Retriever Training in Drive

One of the main focuses of this blog will be Retriever Training in Drive. This is an example of doing a “yard drill”a dog working in retrieve drive. This clip demonstrates a high level of control in the presence of available reward and distraction from a dog that is a willing participant in the training. I will break out an […]

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On Dogs

I am starting a new blog. I plan to post on training dogs for retriever sports, on puppy training and on training working dogs.  I will be building the look of the site as I go.   My intention is to post once week on each topic.   Many of the posts will contain video […]