Train your Brain, new research

Summary:Less than one hour of brain training with neurofeedback leads to a strengthening of neural connections and communication among brain areas. This is the main finding of a new study. According to the authors, the study may pave the way for the optimization and development of therapeutic approaches against stroke and Parkinson’s, for example. read […]

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E-Collar Instructional Guide

The Online Instructional Guide is online and ready for sale. You can click on the link below and you will be re-directed to the store page. Once you purchase the guide you will have life time access to the guide and you will receive a link to register for the live webinar. After the webinar, […]


Video shoot for Dogtra

I like the Dogtra Handsfree transmitters and had a good time shooting these promotionals

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Directional Detection Canine

In my post Develop Off-leash detection skills from day one I show early training for off leash detection. Once the dog knows a basic level of detection and basic level of handling I combine the two. This video shows a dog working basic directionals and basic detection together


One Week Directional Course

contact  (540) 379-1703 $1032 Working Spots / $516 Audit Spots

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E-collar Training Online Course and Webinar

Electric Collars – A Forthright Discussion It’s time for forthright discussion about the use and misuse of electric collars (e-collars).  The general public has accepted and embraced their use with underground fence systems, and pet owners are picking them up off the shelf to try to eliminate a variety of unwanted behaviors. The use of […]