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Study on “Olfactory Generalization in Detector Dogs”

Study on “Olfactory Generalization in Detector Dogs” From the abstract: ” A failure to generalize can result in dogs missing targets in working scenarios. Although generalization is usually desired to some extent, dogs must also discriminate against related odors that are not targets. Therefore, research that investigates factors that can influence dogs’ tendency to generalize, […]


Detection and E-collar seminar, July 12-14, 2019

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Tactical Directional course Intro

Moving forward I will continue to share training information on three main topics: Detection training, Directional training and Retriever training. This post is an an excerpt from the intro to directional training course


There are only two problems you can have in detection work— Part 2

This is the second part of this series. Click here to read the first part. Shaping response to odor Now when your dog finds target odor pause do not pay right away. If she stays with her nose in the tube mark and pay this. Many dogs will leave the odor when you delay reward, […]

By Pat Nolan | Detection training