Detection training

There are only two problems you can have in detection work:

1. the dog is not alerting on the target odor2. she is alerting on things other than target odor A rather simplistic view I know but let’s start to unpack how that could be and what we can do to avoid both problems from the start. This will be the first of several posts presenting […]


What makes memories stronger?

from Science Daily Researchers shed new light on how the brain solidifies important memories Date:April 29, 2019Source:VIB (the Flanders Institute for Biotechnology)Summary:Scientists have found that highly demanding and rewarding experiences result in stronger memories. By studying navigation in rats, the researchers traced back the mechanism behind this selective memory enhancement to so-called replay processes in […]


Same brain cells active during sleep and exploration in mice

From Science Daily Date:April 29, 2019Source:Society for NeuroscienceSummary:Researchers have mapped the activity of individual neurons deep in the brain during sleep and exploration of novel objects in male and female mice. The study suggests these cells may facilitate memory formation. full story:


How the olfactory brain affects memory

This is from Science Daily Date:April 29, 2019Source:Ruhr-University BochumSummary: How sensory perception in the brain affects learning and memory processes is far from fully understood. Neuroscientists have discovered a new aspect of how the processing of odors impacts memory centers. They showed that the piriform cortex — a part of the olfactory brain — has […]


E-Collar Instructional Guide

The Online Instructional Guide is online and ready for sale. You can click on the link below and you will be re-directed to the store page. Once you purchase the guide you will have life time access to the guide and you will receive a link to register for the live webinar. After the webinar, […]


Directional Detection Canine

In my post Develop Off-leash detection skills from day one I show early training for off leash detection. Once the dog knows a basic level of detection and basic level of handling I combine the two. This video shows a dog working basic directionals and basic detection together