Puppy Training

There are only two problems you can have in detection work:

1. the dog is not alerting on the target odor2. she is alerting on things other than target odor A rather simplistic view I know but let’s start to unpack how that could be and what we can do to avoid both problems from the start. This will be the first of several posts presenting […]


Chatterbox parents may boost tots’ intelligence

Young children who are exposed to large amounts of adult speech tend to have better cognitive skills Date:April 30, 2019Source:University of YorkSummary:A major new study has identified a link between kids who hear high quantities of adult speech and better nonverbal abilities such as reasoning, numeracy and shape awareness. Read the full report: https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2019/04/190430105753.htm


E-Collar Instructional Guide

The Online Instructional Guide is online and ready for sale. You can click on the link below and you will be re-directed to the store page. Once you purchase the guide you will have life time access to the guide and you will receive a link to register for the live webinar. After the webinar, […]


Reinforcement Schedules

What are they? Why are they important to us as dog trainers? The information in this video is a bit incomplete. However, I am using this a starting point for a discussion. I will be working on this discussion in the next couple of posts.


Scent Tube Carousel Construction

This video shows the construction of the scent tube carousel. This water heater pan measures 26 inches inside diamiter. Stay tuned for upcoming training articles on imprinting with the carousel. A trained detection canine must be discriminate and selective. She must identify target odor and selectively respond only to target odors. She must rely on […]


Scent Tube Construction

We just held a seminar on nose work at our kennel in Fountain Inn.We had a good turn out and a good time, I will post some pictures and videos clips. We had quite a few questions on how to build the scent tubes. I created the scent tubes in the plumbing aisle of our local […]