Puppy Training

Carry Learning the Double T

This is Carry the mother of the litter we have on the ground 08/2014 these pups will be ready to go 10/03/2014 We were experimenting with a new lens sorry about the window box.


Wrong Right or Training Attitude Trade Offs

I learned this from training dogs to run blinds for the field but the principal applies to all dog training. When starting blind retrieves: It is better to go wrong right than right wrong because if you go wrong right long enough soon enough the dog will go right right.  When you first start to do […]


On Dogs

I am starting a new blog. I plan to post on training dogs for retriever sports, on puppy training and on training working dogs.  I will be building the look of the site as I go.   My intention is to post once week on each topic.   Many of the posts will contain video […]