Push/Pull E-collar Training

Reinforcement Schedules

What are they? Why are they important to us as dog trainers? The information in this video is a bit incomplete. However, I am using this a starting point for a discussion. I will be working on this discussion in the next couple of posts.


E-collar Obedience

Push Pull Training in Drive offers Clear Communication and Conflict-free dog training resulting in a powerful enthusiastic performance from a fully engaged training partner. This video shows a dog working under control with multiple rewards available that is perfectly willing to accept direction and work with me. There is no conflict, he is happy, fully […]


E-collar Training

A conversation on using the E-collar to push for desired behavior My wife (Connie Cleveland-Nolan) and I are working on an updated e-collar course. I will be posting about our program and progress here. The following is paraphrased from the obedience manual I offer for sale on Amazon. If you have questions or comments about […]


Using Verbal Markers to Improve Communication in Training – Reward Marker

In all training the dog’s best effort comes when the he is highly motivated both internally and externally to perform. It is easier to make him do what he wants to do. The best working dogs and hunting/competition retrievers have high retrieve or tug drive. To make the most effective use of this drive for […]


Rules for Guidance when E-collar Conditioning

When conditioning the dog with e-collar to new commands it is a good idea to supply mechanical guidance to “get” the correct response. You want to make it as easy as possible to do the right thing and almost impossible to do the wrong thing. You don’t want to allow the dog to flounder around guessing what is required in […]