Working Dog Training

Study on “Olfactory Generalization in Detector Dogs”

Study on “Olfactory Generalization in Detector Dogs” From the abstract: ” A failure to generalize can result in dogs missing targets in working scenarios. Although generalization is usually desired to some extent, dogs must also discriminate against related odors that are not targets. Therefore, research that investigates factors that can influence dogs’ tendency to generalize, […]


Tactical Directional course Intro

Moving forward I will continue to share training information on three main topics: Detection training, Directional training and Retriever training. This post is an an excerpt from the intro to directional training course


E-Collar Instructional Guide

The Online Instructional Guide is online and ready for sale. You can click on the link below and you will be re-directed to the store page. Once you purchase the guide you will have life time access to the guide and you will receive a link to register for the live webinar. After the webinar, […]


Directional Detection Canine

In my post Develop Off-leash detection skills from day one I show early training for off leash detection. Once the dog knows a basic level of detection and basic level of handling I combine the two. This video shows a dog working basic directionals and basic detection together


E-collar Training Online Course and Webinar

Electric Collars – A Forthright Discussion It’s time for forthright discussion about the use and misuse of electric collars (e-collars).  The general public has accepted and embraced their use with underground fence systems, and pet owners are picking them up off the shelf to try to eliminate a variety of unwanted behaviors. The use of […]