Traditionally the electronic collar has been used primarily as a correction tool in the training of working canines. Used properly the e-collar can be very effective for stopping unwanted behavior. Unfortunately, when misused the e-collar is effective at teaching the wrong lessons. The two most undesirable responses to the e-collar are the dog that shuts down on the collar refusing to work and the dog that has learned to push through the pressure and becomes more and more difficult to correct.

Even when the e-collar is used properly if the only reason a canine obeys is to avoid correction they do not apply themselves with enthusiasm for the training or work.

In recent years there is a swing in sport training circles to use only positive reinforcement and no pressure of any kind. While training with positive rewards is great for building and encouraging behavior it does not provide any solution for stopping unwanted behavior.

The solution is not either-or but both-and.

Push-Pull Training in Drive utilizes powerful rewards to motivate or PULL desired behavior along with e-collar pressure to reinforce or PUSH for desired behavior.

The canine working in the Push-Pull system is working in drive; he understands there are powerful rewards available in training and that we want him to have them and will show him how he can by his action make reward happen.

In the Push-Pull system the canine understands there are meaning full pressures used in training that we will show him how he can by his actions turn off pressure and avoid it in the future.

In the Push-Pull system the canine is fully engaged in the training and works as a partner to apply his skills working reliably in response to your commands.

The course is offered in two and three-week modules.

Course tuition at our facility is $1250 per week

We offer training at our location in Maryland or at your site. Call (301) 748-8398 for information on hosting a course at your location.

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