Tactical Directional Canine Systems course is a USASOC-approved continuing-education course for this critical training in the United States.

Handlers of IDD detector dogs, search and rescue dogs, and specialized work canines around the world are using remote directional training and commands to their advantage. Many of these venues borrowed some of their training programs from retriever field trial training.

Whether you are sending a dog to clear an alley of explosives, directing him to the far side of a collapsed structure to look for victims, or handling a canine to clear vehicles or stadium seating the balance of skills required is the same. If directional commands are to be of use to a working canine team the dog must be under control enough to work off-leash at a distance but be free enough to refuse commands and obey odors when encountered. This balance is important.

Our Push-Pull E-collar course teaches you how to attain a solid foundation of obedience control without sacrificing power and drive.

Using the conditioned responses attained through the proper e-collar foundation our Introduction to Remote Directional course covers basic remote directional skills for working canines.

All directional skills are taught in drive and with e-collar for reliability.

The remotely handled canine must know at minimum three directional commands. He must go away from the handler when sent. He must stop when told and cast (change direction) on command.

These three components are taught individually and then combined in a drill called Single T. Once the dog has mastered the complete routine at short distances we will extend his range and teach him to handle to objectives in real-world environments.

The course is offered in two and three-week modules.

Course tuition at our facility is $1250 per week