Scent Tube Construction

We just held a seminar on nose work at our kennel in Fountain Inn.
We had a good turn out and a good time, I will post some pictures and videos clips.
We had quite a few questions on how to build the scent tubes.

I created the scent tubes in the plumbing aisle of our local Lowe’s home improvement store over 10 years ago. I have made five short videos to show you how I build them.

I needed something that could hold target materials, distractions, and controls that was sturdy enough to protect the dogs from the materials, and that would protect the materials from reward/food bits and dog slobber. 

I wanted something that was easily clean. Easy to make, didn’t require a lot of machine work. 

I wanted something small enough for training the puppies. It turns out it is large enough for working big dogs too. 

There are several shops selling different versions online now so if you don’t want to make your own you can buy them. 

But, if you have any interest in building your own watch these short videos. At a minimum, you will need a Drill, a small bit for vent holes and a hole saw. I build mine without a drill press and without a vise. 

You can download a parts and tools list by clicking here.


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  • AWESOME!!!!! Thank you so very much for these videos. Would love more videos like this. Attending you ecollar class in Front Royal and really looking forward to soaking up all the knowledge.

    Matt Reply
    • Matt,

      looking forward to training with you there.


      Pat Nolan Reply

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